1331 S. 3rd St, Mount Vernon

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Tucked quietly midway down a mostly residential street in Mount Vernon, this fine looking stand-alone office building is ready for you. Currently set up with 4 offices and two restrooms, the building also has a kitchen and a reception area. With Skagit County and the City of Mount Vernon currently debating the location of the new Skagit County Jail, why not hedge your bets and buy this building (which would be perfect as an attorney’s office) right between both sites. The onsite parking makes it an easy destination, and the Courthouse sits just a few blocks South. Price is $164,000.


Sedro-Woolley is where old fashion meets new opportunity. It’s the rough-and-tumble logging community that’s as welcoming as any town you’ll visit. Not only are homes affordable in “Sedro”, but the school system is one of our County’s finest, and the downtown core is ready for your business (as a shopper, or a shopkeeper).

This is a community that is ready to break out of the commercial shadow of its bigger neighbors to the West. There are plenty of properties ready for your business, and if things aren’t just perfect don’t fret because the City is excited about the opportunity to work with you to make it happen. Give them a chance and they’ll impress you. We’re excited about the future of this great little community, and it won’t be long before we can’t call it “little” any longer!

Downtown Mount Vernon

Things are happening in Mount Vernon. As the City nears completion of the new Riverwalk flood protection and revitalization project’s second phase, the business owners and community members are hard at work making Downtown an exciting place to visit. While the new riverfront area will be a very welcome addition, its completion is just as exciting for downtown business and building owners. We’ve waited a long time for real flood protection for the area and all the advantages that come with it. Not only will we see uninterrupted “shop time”, but it will be much easier to finance your building remodel or open a retail spot once FEMA removes the downtown core from the restrictions of the current flood designation.

But don’t wait! Head Downtown now and enjoy the exciting mix of retail and service businesses that are ready to help you today. Grab a beer while your accountant finishes your taxes (you might need it). Or take the family to pizza before the play starts at the Lincoln Theatre. Show up for the “Art Walk” on the first Thursday of each month. If you really want to feel smart, leave your car behind and walk downtown on any weekend in April and watch all the Tulip Festival tourists idle through town on the way to the Westside (and let them know what they’re missing by not joining you!). And don’t believe all the talk about parking being an issue, just check out the new parking map and head on down.